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"If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory
will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven and know Earth,
you may make your victory complete."

Sun-Tzu, The Art of War
Polling in a modern political campaign has gone from a pricey campaign luxury to an affordable campaign necessity. The first thing that any political campaign Political Campaign Pollingmust do is establish the theme, message and issues. Many candidates "think" they know what the top issues are in their districts but why make costly assumptions if you can just ask them. That may sound simple but is it far more complex than you might think.
The universe of households polled is as important as the questions that you ask. Polling can not only tell your campaign what your voters are thinking about issues and candidates, it can provide you path to change their opinion. The results must be properly analyzed and crossreferenced with all avalable demographic data avalable to give you results that are the most accurate and meaningful to your political campaign.

Viability Polling

If you care considering running for political office or begining a ballot initative campaign you will want to know what to know where you stand. Viability polling can tell you not only whether you should you run and assess your chances for victory, it can also determine whether your opponent has any exploitable flaws and help with inital fundraising and budget projections for the campaign. Viability and vunlnerability polling is ideally conducted before you begin the campaign.

Issues Polling

Reguardless of if you you are considering running for office, just starting out in your campaign or looking to rebrand a stalled political campaign, issues polling can be very beneficial to you. As your campaign moves foward you must know not only what issues are important to voters but what they feel the solution may be. Republicans, Democrats and Independents can have vastly diffent opinions on job creation. Issues polling can also provide your campaign with the best path to change public perception about your campaing or meaningful issues. Polling can help your campaign chart a cource to victory. Whitestar Strategies does significantly more than hand you the results to a poll. We provide a comprehensive anaylsis of all results an well as make recomendations on the best cource for your campaign.

Benchmark Polling

Not many people drive without maps or GPS navigation so why would you go though a political campaign without proper navigation?
Benchmark polling is conducted throughout a political campaign and the analyzed results will assist Whitestar in developing your campaign strategy. Issues are tested for importance, messages are tested for their ability to persuade and demographics are measured to give your campaign a complete picture of the electorate. A benchmark poll or survey must go far beyond the general numbers and will allow us to discern why public opinion is the way it is. Only when you know the reasons why the voters are supporting or opposing your candidacy or measure can you begin to work to change opinions.
Whitestar Strategies will manage all aspects of your polling program: questionnaire design; call universe creation; data collection, tabulation, and cross-tabulation; cross-referencing of all relivant demographic data; statistical analysis and reporting of all findings. Whitestar Strategies' analysis of polling goes beyond the ordinary review of cross-tabulations to utilize linear and logistic regression, factor analysis and analysis of variance procedures on your data to provide superior campaign strategy consulting to our clients.
We specialize in the consulting and management of political campaigns (Legislative, Local, and other state wide down ballot campaigns) judicial campaigns , and ballot initatives across the country. We develop poltical campaigns and initaives in states like Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We offer clients across the country a full range of products and services from direct mail to campaign signs.
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