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Political Phone CallsWhitestar Strategies can provide live and automated or robo calling services to any political candidate judicial campaign or ballot issue campaign.
Political automated phone calls are a very cost effective way to reach a large number of potential voters rapidly. The cost is negligible compared with other paid media and its effectiveness is unsurpassed.
Automated or robo calls allow our political candidates and ballot issues to target their message directly to potential and active voters, give them valuable information, and help them capture valuable data through polling to win your campaign.
You will be able to reach your constituents exactly at the time of day of your choosing. You can place your calls to target answering machines, or target live voters. You have complete control.
We specialize in the consulting and management of political campaigns (Legislative, Local, and other state wide down ballot campaigns) judicial campaigns , and ballot initatives across the country. We develop poltical campaigns and initaives in states like Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We offer clients across the country a full range of products and services from direct mail to campaign signs.
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