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Judicial campaigns are not your average campaign.

Judicial CampaignsJudicial campaigns are very different from other political campaigns in the most states. Not only are judicial campaigns governed by the same laws as other campaigns for conduct and finance, in Florida they are governed by Cannon 7 of the Code of Judicial Conduct and the JQC. Most states have similar governing bodies and rules. Your campaign needs a consultant or manager that understands the limitations of a Judicial campaign, in fundraising and in advertising. The last thing you want to do is get elected and then have to hire a lawyer to defend the way that your campaign was handled. Think it cannot happen to you? It happens all the time. The Florida Supreme Court keeps the record here.

Why do good judicial candidates lose?

We are now in an age of 24 hour a day marketing whether it is on television, the internet, radio, billboards or your 24 hour a day news station, the voter is hammered with 4000 marketing messages a day. Your message and campaign advertising must get the voters attention. That is not easy for political campaigns and it is even more difficult for judicial campaigns with the cannon 7 limitations on advertising.
Some political and judicial candidates believe that despite what polling, research and common sense says, voters care more about political messages than other advertising. They think that political or judicial messages and advertising are given more thoughtful consideration, that people care more about political advertising. THEY DON'T. They haven't in 40 years. This misconception about the voter's interest is the single biggest mistake that candidates can make. Your priorities and interests are not every one else's.

Judicial campaigns need to think out of the box.

With the limitations on fundraising and advertising that Cannon 7 places on judicial campaigns you need creativity, a razor sharp message and flawless targeted advertising to become your circuit or county's next judge. Whitestar Communications specializes in this unique form of political campaign. We understand the rules and know how to play by them.
We don't settle for a mass market campaign, and neither can you. Your campaign has to reach primary voters, voting in a non-partisan election. Unlike most campaigns, voters don't know any more about you than what you tell them. No (R) or (D) tags after your name to tell them that you are conservative or liberal. Nothing to tell them whether your for or against tort reform, tough on crime or you believe in second chances.

Whitestar can help you win!

Whitestar determines who YOUR voters are and crafts a message and campaign that speaks to them. We motivate your voters to action by speaking to their mindset, their interests and concerns. We use highly targeted and creative direct mail, electronic and print media to get out your message. We get voters to the polls for you. Whitestar can help you become a judge.
We hope that you will find the information on our website helpful, and we invite you to contact us to learn more about Whitestar Strategies.
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